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“Lustmord: The Writings and Artifacts of Murderers” is a compilation of essays, short stories, memoirs, confessions, letters, manifestoes, poetry, drawings, photographs and other works created by serial killers, mass murderers, cannibals, necrophiles, sexual sadists, psychopaths and assassins. These compelling documents are now available for the first time in one volume - an aesthetic testimony to the emotion and logic of a murderer's mind, a mind filled with terror and hatred, absurdity and horror, pathos and iniquity.

"King has gathered together a superstar roster of evil creative types . . . Contextualized here, their drawings, suicide notes, short stories, and so on, become a kind of Outsider literature, transgressive beyond A. M. Homes's wildest dreams." — Dennis Cooper

Gertrude Baniszewski
Mary Bell
David Berkowitz
William Bonin
Mr. Brown
Patrick Byrne
Michael & Suzan Carson
Albert DeSalvo
Derrick Edwardson
Albert Fish
John Linley Frazier
Jeannace Freeman
Bruno G.
Harvey Glatman
Charles Guiteau
John George Haigh
William Heirens
William Edward Hickman
William K. Jones
Joseph Kallinger
John List
Patrick Mackay
Herbert Mullin
Carl Panzram
Pauline Parker
Issei Sagawa
Gerard Schaefer Jr.
Schizophrenic Firesetter
Charles Schmid Jr.
Edgar Smith
Richard & Bridget Smith
Charles Starkweather
Peter Sutcliffe
Dennis Sweeney
T. T. A.
Ernest Albert Walker

trade paperback, 328 pages, nonfiction – edited with an introduction by John Brian King

— published in 1997 – collectible, A+ condition —